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The Audible

Jun 21, 2023

In this episode of On The Couch, presented by @footballguys Sigmund Bloom is joined by Daniel Harms to identify the BEST Dynasty Trade Targets to BUY or SELL in Dynasty Football for 2023. #nfl #fantasyfootball #dynastyfantasyfootball #fantasyfootballadvice #dynastyfootball #fantasyfootball2023

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Dynasty Trade Targets to BUY or SELL 🎯 | Dynasty Football 2023 Skip around to your favorite part 👇 

00:00 Why do you need to buy Geno Smith?

12:00 Should we buy or sell Tony Pollard?

18:35 When is the right time to buy Michael Pittman?

28:00 Should we be patient with Trey Lance?

33:45 Which rookie should we try to trade for before training camp opens?


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