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The Audible

May 26, 2021

Two Point Stance - Your hosts Dave Kluge (@DaveKluge) and Lauren Carpenter (@stepmomlauren) break down the NFL schedule release on Footballguys' Two-Point Stance. This week they discuss some exciting matchups, the 17-game season, some injury updates, and REAL lions in Detroit.


0:00 - Intro

0:33 - Underrated quarterbacks

7:39 - Underrated running backs

14:44 - Underrated wide receivers

25:05 - Underrated tight ends

32:10 - Jamaal Williams "A-back?"

36:54 - Chase Edmonds "ready to run through a wall"

39:17 - Tampa Bay timeshare?

42:40 - Patrick Mahomes toe update

43:33 - Russell Wilson final contract in Seattle?

47:03 - Cam Newton back to fundamentals

49:41 - Aaron Rodgers and Deshaun Watson trade requests

52:00 - Nico Collins rookie role

53:17 - FBG Spotlight: Colt Shroeder


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